Our Special Days

  • Joe 6/23
  • Jana 4/29
  • Sierra 5/13
  • Alyssa 2/10
  • Emily 12/5
  • Joscelyn 7/6

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas 2008

Christmas seemed to have come and gone in a hurry. This year was a milestone. After upsetting my oldest daughter last year by making everyone wear matching dresses, I chose to play it a little more simple and went to Old Navy to find "christamas color shirts". Sierra truly appreciated that. This is the family portrait that we took over at Joe's parents house, only one mistake....I forgot to have him put on his sweater that color co-ordinated. LOL.....maybe next year. :)


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I didn't even know you were blogging! Where the heck did you go??? C'mon. Get after it. I'm waiting...